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Tracer Detected! by GM Amelia

Do you know the Elgang is being followed?! A new character, a pale young man, is hot on their trail. He is known to be carrying Nasod weaponry, and he seems dangerously unstable. Who is he? Where did he come from? And isn’t it extremely suspicious that he’s stalking a group of adventurers allied with a Nasod? This person will be unlocked next week, and you will get to take on the adventure through Elrios the way he sees it—with a dark, twisted mind. Get ready to add to the Elsword experience!

Create your Tracer character early!

Starting tomorrow, participate in a special challenge that lets you create the upcoming character ahead of time. Get the name you want for the Tracer before he’s playable! Also, check with Ariel about crafting a costume!

Contest Alert

Speaking of costumes, the prestigious contest for hip, creative Elpeeps is about to begin. You could win up to 10,000 K-Ching and even get your character dressed exactly as you like! Watch out for announcements tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Got a taste for the finer things? Then this costume is for you! You might even pair it with the equally stunning El Lord armband the way Lord Elsword and Lady Rena have here. Check these out after midnight!