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Hey there, Elpeeps!

Yes, you guessed it right!!! This is definitely about the Evolution series going on with Elsword Online’s characters, and the next one is just a few days away!

Last we checked, the elven warrior joined the Night Savers, a secret order of elves, and has gotten really good at the job—she’s got traps, magical winds, the bow, awesome kicks, and the Blade of Erendil, making up the most extensive weapon arsenal by far. Can you imagine how much more intense it’s all going to be once the Trapping Ranger evolves?!

Consider this: by her noble efforts, our El-seeking Night Saver receives an improved weapon that paves the way for even greater physical and magical powers, increased speed dealing blade attacks, and the use of innocent-looking bow shots that actually explode!!! And that’s just the beginning! Join the teaser events tomorrow and ramp up the excitement!

Also, watch out for cute kitties, a cuckoo crown, and more! Check ‘em out after the update!