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Look of the Month - August Results



Heya Elpeeps!

Air and Lexi here to bring you guys the results of August’s summer fashion themed competition.

Fierce heat, fierce competition and fierce looks will be featured in this blog, Like all the prior look of the month competitions, we prioritized creativity above all else and the challenging part was finding that creativity with a limited summer selection of outfits.

So who came out on top in this month’s competition and who were the runner ups? I guarantee that this person won it not with a (heat) stroke of luck, but with their touch of summer fashion and creativity. 

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View this tutorial of Eve’s new Core Release System! Learn from the Queen of Nasods!

Check out this tutorial video of Elsword's most adorable Magician with the new Memorize System! Like if you <3 Aisha!

Eve and Aisha: Core Release and Memorize by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps,

This week’s update comes with 2 new exciting systems for Eve and Aisha. All of the characters of Elsword Online have unique systems for attacks and skills, some of which are activated in Awakening Mode. Now finally Eve and Aisha can benefit from these systems as well!

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Sweet Summer ELScapades by GM Amelia

Hi, Elpeeps! I’m here to give you the lowdown on what’s coming up in the Elsword Item Mall. Ready? Here we go!

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Are you a Lunatic Psyker or Psychic Tracer? Then put up your fists and enter our Psychotic Beatdown Screenshot Contest! Take a screenies of your Add performing his most stunning punch combo!

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